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Houston Car Accident Lawyer – Delayed Injuries and Symptoms

Houston Car Accident Lawyer – Delayed Injuries and Symptoms: Houston Car Accident Lawyer – Delayed Injuries and Symptoms

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Once it is over, it can be simple for automobile accident victims to ignore small symptoms. After all, you might experience back or neck pain only from hunching on your work desk all day, so it does not seem all that odd if you have notice them after an accident. Additionally, a great deal of individuals are only happy that nothing more serious happened and may want to get back to their normal lives as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, this is a big mistake. Many times, car crash injuries may well not make themselves understood right away, and when victims are not seen by a physician, difficulties could stick around for a long time — and even develop into something worse.
Examples of Delayed Injuries

The effect of your car getting into an accident can send your spine in a way it did not anticipate going, occasionally messing with the alignment or position of different parts of your spine.

One of the most affected regions is the disks that divide your own nerves. They absorb most of the impact when your spine is struck or impacted. Sometimes, discs could be jostled around, or flow out of their position between your vertebrae. This is called a herniated disc, and may be overlooked or unnoticed for several years. Continual damage or wear to your backbone without the appropriate cushioning of your disks, however, can eventually cause pinched nerves and significant back pain.

Concussions and Head Injuries — We have all heard horrible stories like that of actress Natasha Richardson: she dropped while learning to ski, and although her symptoms didn’t appear instantly, her head injuries contributed to her death two days later. Concussions and other head injuries may not show symptoms immediately. In some cases, a third or second head injury is the sole way to see the impact of your mind injury, which poses great dangers for a variety of medical issues.

PTSD — Not all injuries are available throughout your yearly physical. Car accidents, especially the ones that involve injuries to yourself or a loved one, can be traumatic. Experiencing trauma poses the danger of creating Post-Traumatic Anxiety Disorder, causing upsetting memories, flashbacks, or stress attacks.

The way the Texas Statute of Limitations Comes into Play

Even though your injuries did not show up until years after your injury, you deserve to be paid for the damages you suffered. But the law does not always work in your favor.

One of those policies limiting individuals from getting the compensation they deserve is that the two-year statute of limitations for automobile accidents.

It may be more complex to demonstrate your injury caused your injuries after the incident occurred. But there are methods to show the court that even though your symptoms and injuries were postponed, you still deserve compensation.

An expert Texas personal injury lawyer will have the ability to help you through the process of gaining signs, filing a claim, and getting the compensation you deserve for your injuries. If you think you have a case in your hands, get in contact with us today.

Houston Car Accident Lawyer RJ Alexander Law, PLLC is available for you 24/7/365.

If you or a loved one is injured by the negligence of another driver feel free to reach out to the law firm at anytime. Call today for your consultation: (832) 458-1756.

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